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Consumer Protection Department

Pakistan witnessing unprecedented growth in consumer banking in the early 2000’s.

In order to cope with the potential grievances which was bound to follow the increasing number of financial system users, State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) created the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) in 2008.

CPD provides the public with a befitting policy and regulatory mechanism for complaint handling, and also oversees operations of Credit Information Bureau (CIB). For more information on CIB, please click here.

Before filing a complaint, please note:

- In order to effectively lodge a complaint with the CPD, you must first raise the issue in writing with your concerned bank/DFI and wait for their response. The institution should then be given 45 days to respond. If the bank/DFI is unable to resolve the issue to your satisfaction within 45 days, you are encouraged to lodge a complaint right away.

- A complaint can be lodged either with Banking Mohtasib or SBP. People are encouraged to approach Banking Mohtasib first. For more information on Banking Motasib, please click here.

- The case should involve a legal proceeding in any court; those issues which are pending litigation shall not be entertained

- Copies of all relevant correspondence with the bank/DFI needs to attached with the complaint.

- Your own telephone No., address, CNIC No. and e-mail (if applicable) should be clearly mentioned on the complaint and the complaint must be signed properly.

- Complaints can be lodged here only for those banks/DFIs which are regulated by SBP.

Please send your complaints against Commercial Banks, Developmental Financial Institutions and MicroFinance Banks directly to State Bank of Pakistan at the following address.


Consumer Protection Department

State Bank of Pakistan

I.I. Chundrigar Road


Or get in touch with SBP’s Customer Facilitation Centre at

Telephone: 021-99218147, 021-99218148, 021-99218149     


Important to Note: Complaints against Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) do not fall under the purview of SBP. They fall under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP).

Therefore, complaints against firms offering Investment Finance services, Leasing, Housing Finance Services, Venture Capital Investment, Discounting Services, Investment Advisory Services or Asset Management Services can be lodged at the SECP. Their complaint procedure is detailed here