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Program Implementation

NFLP national roll-out has been structured in four main components, which include:

1. Class Room Trainings
The half-day classroom training sessions will predominantly be activity based in eight (8) integrated modules spanning over four (4) hours session. The modules are selected based upon the experience of the pilot phase and recommendations of evaluation study of the pilot phase. The course content will comprises of following themes:

  •  Budgeting
  •  Savings
  •  Investments & Entrepreneurship
  •  Debt management
  •  Islamic banking
  •  Consumer protection
  •  Branchless banking/ digital banking
  • Currency Management

2. Showcasing of Street Theater Videos 

In addition to classroom training, videos of street theatre performances made by Rafi Peer theatre group during pilot phase will also showcase to have wider coverage of the program while presenting them a real-life story.

3. Mass Media Campaign
To increase awareness at mass level, a massive media campaign will be run. Public service education messages will be on-air through different modes, which may include:

  1. Electronic media (Radio ads)
  2. Print media
  3. Social media (facebook, youtube, Search engines etc )

4. Financial Inclusion Smart Campaign
In order to translate the learning of NFLP messages into execution, a core bank account/branchless banking account of each & every training beneficiary will be open at the end of the class room session. In this regard, specific targets will be assigned to the implementing partners.